Our Website Design Services

We Pride Ourselves On Tailor Made Custom Design & Thought Out Web Development.

We feel strongly that to acquire a truly unique web presence, a website should be created around the subject’s content, and not the other way around.

Not one pixel is put in place until after we have worked out your exact needs. Extensive research, mood boards and wire framing take place before we even start thinking about the site’s aesthetics.

We can transform your brand from being an idea in your head, to a functional and beautiful online image with a solid strategy in place to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. 

By asking all the right questions and delving into the very core of your brand’s personality, we perform all the research necessary to establish the design style that’s right for your brand. Greenbox offers extensive graphic and web design services, from logos and corporate identities to full website design. We also collaborate with the best in illustration and photography, and keep up to date with industry trends so that your design remains fresh and relevant. Overall, we believe that simple, uncluttered design wins the race, every time.

After an extensive research phase we begin by creating different personas, various personalities who may interact with your brand online or who are interested in your product. After this, we move on to the full website architecture, wire framing and the site’s pathway structure. By doing this, we create a bulletproof foundation for design work.

There’s more to a successful website than just considered design. We also create content and smart, relevant copy for your brand new website. Starting with strategy workshops where we get to know you and your brand, we take you through to long-term site maintenance. We also draw attention to your brand by managing your social media campaigns.

Rather than leaving your site to go stale, we can stay on board with a monthly retainer and update your content whenever you need it. Whether you’re having a sale or you’ve changed address we will create the content and upload it to your site and your social media channels. Depending on your particular needs and marketing strategy, our team will increase your visibility by tweeting, posting and updating all the channels that work for your brand.

WordPress is the largest open source content management platform used globally. It provides our clients with extensive open source material which means that you’re never locked in to any in-house systems and that most developers will be able to work on your site. Greenbox offers fully customised development to cater to your brand’s specific needs, building the WordPress site from the ground up, as opposed to using predefined themes. Your code is also always guaranteed to be W3C compliant and completely cross browser compatible. What is the W3C?

Drupal is an extremely powerful and scalable content management framework that’s supported by a community of over 630 000 users and developers across the world. Thousands of community-contributed modules allow us to make use of reusable components which, for you, means low development costs. By putting foundations in place right in the beginning, your website and/or web application grows as your business does. To top it all off, Drupal architecture and Agile software methodologies go hand in hand, allowing for rapid and continuous growth.

We build scalable, user friendly and easy-to-manage E-commerce solutions to give your brand the very best online store presence possible. By creating custom made solutions and using open source frameworks, we not only eliminate complicated work processes, but also lower your project costs. The system in place will allow stock and inventory management, and can easily integrate with existing invoicing systems, as well as numerous payment gateways and methods. Additionally, we will also automate your workflow to free up your resources.

It’s 2010 and we can pretty much kiss traditional desktop browsing goodbye. With devices like the iPad and a myriad of other tablets entering the marketplace, mobile browsing has taken over. Responsive web design that adapts to any device’s screen size and optimises your site’s user experience is undoubtedly the new way forward. Although this may require more time for design and development, it truly is worth going the extra mile, especially as it is fast becoming a standard.