Our SEM Services

Amidst online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options. We build campaigns with the sole objective of driving quality leads for you.

  • We research and select the most effective keywords which can give you maximum conversions with minimum investment. We keep a regular check on ad spends by competition and tweak our campaigns to ensure that we don’t lose out on any opportunities.
  • A well-optimized landing page can greatly boost conversions of your PPC campaign. Our team facilitates the best landing page option through targeted A/B testing of content and call to action buttons, to ensure higher conversions.
  • Our content team creates engaging copy for your campaigns through rigorous A/B testing of multiple ad formats ads. We finally go big bang with only those campaigns which are destined to increase your online revenues.

As part of our strategic engagements with brands, we constantly keep optimizing their PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI.

  • We run multiple A/B testing campaigns on PPC ad formats to ensure that brands get improved conversions with the same or reduced investment.
  • Regular tracking of engagement levels of users ensures that we get enough primary data to analyze and tweak the campaign creative and content. This enables us to use the most potent creatives for higher ROI.
  • Our team keeps a close tab on the performance of each keyword in your campaign. We follow a goal based strategy and all our campaign budgets are aligned to give you the most optimum conversions.

Your team would be regularly updated on performance metrics of the PPC campaign through detailed monthly reports.

  • We keep you posted on campaign spends and improvements with transparent and insightful reports.
  • Our team constantly optimizes keyword campaigns to drive more conversions through minimum investments. The same is captured in detailed campaign reports and shared with you on a monthly basis.
  • We provide a custom online dashboard to you for accessing your PPC campaign data and reviewing the same at your convenience.